Life Membership

Memberships in Lifetime Giving Societies are available at the followings levels for cumulative tax-deductible gifts as indicated. The various levels honor significant musical instrument makers whose work figures prominently in the collections of the NMM.

Each Lifetime Giving Society includes the following benefits per Membership year:

  • Free admission/membership cards for two named members
  • Free admission to other members of the North American Reciprocal Museum Program*.
  • Ten guest admission passes for one time use.
  • 20% discount at NMM gift shop (on site and online).
  • Periodic electronic or printed NMM newsletter.
  • Invitation to annual member event.
  • Priority curatorial research services.
  • Personal gallery tour with staff member.

*See list at:

The Adolphe Sax Society

Honoring the inventor of the saxophone.

The Charles W. Wheatstone Society

Honoring the acoustician and engineer among whose inventions were the predecessors of the harmonica and concertina.

The John Franklin Stratton Society

Honoring one of the finest New York brass instrument makers of the 19th century.

The Franz Schwarzer Society

Honoring the notable 19th-century zither maker from Washington, Missouri.

The Johann Wilhelm Hass Society

Honoring the founding member of Nuremberg’s premier brass making family of the 17th and 18th century.

The August Grenser Society

Honoring one of Europe’s most accomplished 18th century woodwind makers.

The Christian Dieffenbach Society

Honoring the maker of the NMM’s outstanding Pennsylvania-German pipe organ.

The Andrea Guarneri Society

Honoring the patriarch of the great Guarneri family of violin makers.

The Nannette Stein Streicher Society

Honoring one of the most outstanding 18th-19th century Viennese piano makers.

The Jakob Stainer Society

Honoring the greatest of the German-speaking violin makers.

The Andreas Ruckers Society

Honoring the Ruckers family of harpsichord makers, whose work exemplifies the highest caliber of keyboard instrument making.

The Antonio Stradivari Society

$5,000,000 and above
Honoring the world’s foremost stringed instrument maker, representing the pinnacle of excellence.