Schedule a Tour

Due to the NMM's expansion project (read more about this exciting project here!) we are not scheduling tours beyond August, 2018. We look forward to resuming guided tours when the museum reopens in 2021.

Call to schedule your tour: (605) 677-5306.

Please be prepared to answer the following questions when you call:

  1. Requested visit date.
  2. Requested visit time.
  3. Approximate length of visit.
  4. Group leader's name.
  5. Name of group or school.
  6. Email address.
  7. Phone and best time to reach you at this number.
  8. Number of people.
  9. Age or grade level.
  10. Number of chaperones (1 adult required for every 10-12 students).
  11. What kind of group (history class, band, general music, first grade, etc.).
  12. What are your objectives for this visit?
  13. Describe any kind of advance preparation for this visit (recent study units, reading assignments, in-class presentations, etc.).
  14. In which tour option are you interested?